Morehouse Parish School Board will conduct a

Parish Wide Registration

August 7 and 8, 2014 from 8 to 4

At the Student Services Center (formally BLA)

1607 Martin Luther King

Bastrop, LA 71220

This is for students whose addresses have changed since the end of school.  If your address has changed or if you are new to the parish and have not registered your children you will need to attend this registration.

You must bring two proofs of address, these may include:

1.  Filed Homestead exemption

2. Home Mortgage document or property deed

3. Rental/Lease agreement for house or apartment

4. Utility Bill (only one maybe submitted)

5. Automobile Registration

6. Food Stamp Certification

7. Medicare or Medicaid information

8. Insurance policy for house or apartment

9. Certified copy of filed petition for custody in another party if pending & final decree when granted

10. Any other official document which would indicate your residence, driver’s license or a voter registration card will not be accepted unless issued within last 2 months and only one of these is allowed

 To register a child that is enrolling in public school or is Pre-K or Kindergarten you need to bring:

1.  Birth certificate

2. Shot record

3. Social Security Card

4. 2 proofs of address

To register a child that is transferring from another school district you need to bring:

School records from the previous school

 2 proofs of address



  The Morehouse Parish School Board Superintendent of Schools has determined that a state of financial exigency exists or is imminent and/or there will be a decline in enrollment, a rising cost of retirement and other employee benefits, and a decline in revenues.  As a consequence there may be required a termination of employment of one or more teachers or other employees.  This notice shall be published in the official journal and a copy provided to all personnel.  The Superintendent shall prepare a written recommendation to the Morehouse Parish School Board of the specific action which should be taken by it in regard to the reduction in force in conformity with the official reduction in force policy of the Morehouse Parish School Board.


Proposed 2014-2015 Pupil Progression Plan

A copy of the plan is at the front desk of the School Board Office at 4099 Naff Street